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Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness Review

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The latest no-pull harness by Chai’s Choice features a unique design that prevents your dog from pulling you during a walk. The harness really shines in terms of durability and ease of use, not to mention the fact that it’s impressively versatile and can fit dog breeds ranging from toy to extra-large. This affordably priced harness also offers an ergonomic design, so you can ensure your dog is comfortable and happy during your daily walk.

Our Verdict
This is a highly adjustable harness that comes with two leash attachment options, making it a great choice if you’re trying to leash train your dog with no success. The placement of the front attachment ring will prevent your dog from pulling you by taking away their pulling power and instead, allowing you to correct unwanted pulling behaviors by causing the dog to turn slightly into you when you pull back on the leash. This is also a more humane alternative than choke chains and prong collars.

 The highly adjustable straps, breathable mesh lining, and padding throughout the harness also promotes wearer comfort, while the reflective material makes it safer for you and your dog to take your evening stroll. The fact that it works for breeds of all sizes ranging from toy to extra-large also makes it one of the most versatile no-pull style models on the market.

Overview and Features

This is one of the best no-pull dog harnesses by Chai’s Choice. It features a durable construction that consists of an outer layer that’s made out of oxford material that’s scratch resistant. The included Duraflex lightweight buckle features an impressive loading capacity, which is designed to improve strength and durability, making it difficult for even extra-large breed dogs to break.

Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Made out of reflective material
  • Low price
  • Versatile
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to use

Ergonomic Fit

Many dog owners tend to avoid using any type of harness, simply because they can be difficult to put on and adjust. If you choose the wrong size or don’t adjust the harness correctly, it can cause serious skin issues such as chafing, irritation, or a rash. If you don’t tighten it enough, then a determined dog can easily slip the harness and run off. Fortunately, the manufacturer designed this harness with ease of use in mind. This model is easy to put on and take off and features a lightweight comfortable mesh design that makes the harness highly breathable. This can help to prevent a heat rash and general irritation and allows your dog to stay comfortable and cool during their walk.


Complicated harnesses that consist of a variety of straps and buckles can be impossible to adjust, especially if your dog is a bundle of wiggling energy. This harnesses’ design is rather simple, which makes it very easy to adjust. For a custom fit, all you have to do is push, then pull a strap through the buckle, for a fit that’s perfect and comfortable.

It’s important to ensure the harness isn’t too tight since this will cause the material to rub against your dog’s skin. To check whether or not the straps are correctly adjusted, place one of your fingers between your dog’s skin and the harness. If you’re unable to fit a finger between the skin and harness this indicates that the harness is too tight. If you’re able to place two or more fingers between the harness and their skin, the harness should be tightened to prevent your dog from slipping out of it.

Leash Attachment

The harness comes equipped with two leash attachment options, one located on the chest, and the other is located on the back of the harness. Both of the D-rings are made out of tough zinc alloy.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to teach your dog commands during your walk, then I recommend using the leash attachment on the chest. This prevents your dog from using their shoulder and chest strength to pull you during your walk. Instead, to correct unwanted behaviors and pulling, simply pull back on the leash to cause your dog to turn into you.

This type of fast and simple correction will cause your dog to slow down and can instantly stop them from pulling you down the street. Once your dog is able to walk on a leash at your pace, you can switch to the back leash attachment. However, this should only be done once you’re able to walk your dog with some slack in the leash. Many owners of large breed dogs will continue to use the front leash attachment since this can make the dogs easier to handle, especially if they’re dog or animal aggressive, or have a tendency to jump up on people that cross their path.


dog running

The harness is made out of 3M reflective material and nylon webbing. The material is not only durable, but it will keep your pet highly visible in low light conditions. It also comes equipped with a top handle, which you can use to gain control over your dog, should they try to make a break for it if they see a squirrel, cat, or another dog. The handle can also be used to secure your pet in the car, via a seatbelt. This will prevent them from jumping and climbing around as you drive.

A More Human Alternative

There are no shortages of collar and harness styles designed to prevent your dog from pulling you on your walk. Unfortunately, many types of collars will attempt to correct your dog and prevent them from pulling, by applying pressure to their throat. This can lead to serious trachea damage or soft tissue damage, especially in smaller breed dogs.

This no-pull harness takes a different approach by taking away your dog’s pulling strength and giving you total control. this type of harness should be used for dogs of all sizes, especially large and extra-large breeds that are muscular and difficult to control, and toy and small breed dogs that can easily suffer a serious trachea injury if they continue to pull during a walk.

Choke and prong collars are the two main types of collars that are designed to correct unwanted pulling by applying pressure to the throat. But, if you’ve ever tried either option and heard your dog hacking and gagging, or breathing heavily as they continue to pull on the leash in an attempt to get where you’re going, faster, then you know these collars don’t have much of an impact on correcting this type of unwanted behavior. In fact, all they really do is cut off a dog’s air supply and cause pain and discomfort.

Making the switch to this type of harness is a more comfortable, effective, and humane solution to unwanted pulling behavior.


This harness comes in five size options ranging from toy to extra-large breeds. It will fit dogs with a chest size that ranges from thirteen inches up to forty-two inches. Make sure you carefully measure your dog and consult the sizing chart before ordering. If your dog is between sizes, opt for the next size up. Since this harness is highly adjustable, you’ll be able to easily tighten and shorten the straps for a perfect fit.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Top handle
  • Easy to use
  • Highly adjustable
  • Low price
  • Effective


  • May not be appropriate for certain toy breeds weighing under four pounds
  • Can be difficult to adjust

Chai’s Choice Versus RUFFWEAR – Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

The competing harness by Ruffwear features five size options and is designed for all breed types ranging from toy to extra-large. It also comes with two leash attachment options and a heavily padded design that promotes comfort. It also offers four points of adjustment, allowing for a custom fit. However, unlike this harness by Chai’s Choice, it doesn’t feature mesh lining, which can have an impact on breathability, especially in hot weather. Both are available at a comparable price, but if you’re looking for a model that offers ultimate comfort during the hotter months of the year, I’d stick with this model by Chai’s Choice.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Chai'sThe newest harness by Chai’s Choice features an ergonomic design that’s comfortable and breathable, thanks to the soft sponge padding on the belly and chest and the mesh lining.

The harness is also highly adjustable, allowing you to custom fit the harness to your pup and prevent skin irritation or your pet from slipping out of it during your walk. The harness comes available in five size options and is a great choice for breeds of all sizes ranging from toy to extra-large. However, it may not be a good fit for dogs under five pounds. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and carefully measure your pet’s neck girth and chest girth before ordering. Built tough, equipped with great safety features including reflective material and a top handle, this model earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.