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EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest Review

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The Expawlorer big dog harness is designed for large breed dogs that are packing both muscle and energy. This model gives dog owners the ability to easily control their dogs when they’re out for a walk, by offering a new take on leash attachment design that takes away a dog’s pulling power, so you’ll no longer have to struggle to get your dog under control or jog to keep up.

Our Verdict
This no-pull harness has specifically been designed with large breed dogs in mind, which means it’s made out of highly durable material that will not tear or fray. The quick buckle design will allow you to easily put the harness on or take it off. The reflective trim is a big selling point for dog owners who prefer to walk their dog first thing in the morning or right after the evening meal, since it will make a dog highly visible, even in poor lighting conditions. The model is easy to adjust and is designed to prevent dogs from slipping their harness when they get excited.

The front leash attachment point is designed for dogs who have behavior problems such as jumping, darting, or pulling, but it’s primarily used for dogs that tend to pull. The ability to easily correct this type of unwanted behavior by pulling back on the leash will allow you to finally enjoy your evening walk, without your dog pulling you all over the neighborhood. This is a great training tool, but it can be used indefinitely if your dog is currently working through behavior issues such as animal aggression. The harness itself is well-built, easy to use, and highly adjustable. I would recommend this model to any large breed dog owner in search of an effective solution to pulling.

Overview and Features

As a new pet owner, you have a lot to learn. For most dog owners, learning how to train their dog to walk on a leash, without pulling, can be the most challenging aspect of pet training.

If you’ve ever tried using a dog harness before, then you may be discouraged to try another style design, especially considering the first harness didn’t work out so well. But the best no-pull dog harnesses are designed differently than a standard dog harness. These standard harnesses are often difficult to put on and adjust, and basically give your dog all the power to pull you along, much like they can if they’re wearing a collar. A no-pull harness features an attachment point located on the chest.

This different way to attach the leash allows you to pull your dog back, easily, slightly picking their front legs off the ground and causing them to turn into you, instead of using their powerful back and shoulder muscles to pull you along for the ride. This type of harness can be used as a training tool, if your dog doesn’t know how to walk on a leash, or it can be used for dogs who jump up on people passing by, or those who are animal, people, or dog aggressive. This newest model by Expawlorer is well-built and highly adjustable, so you can the harness will easily conform to your dog’s body, ensuring that they’ll be unable to slip out of it on your walk.

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EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Two leash point attachments
  • Durable
  • Rubber top handle
  • Designed specifically for large breed dogs
  • Comfortable, breathable design


Obviously, if you don’t want your dog to be able to make a run for it and slip out of their harness, then choosing the right size will be very important. This model is available for large breed dogs with a chest measurement that ranges from twenty-six inches to thirty-six inches. Before you hit that buy now button, make sure you carefully measure the widest part of the dog’s chest.

Improved Control

The harness offers a couple of leash attachment points. One D-ring is located on the top of the harness, with the other attachment option on the chest. As I mentioned earlier, the front attachment point should be used for dogs that are not leash trained, dogs that have a tendency to pull, and dogs with aggression issues. Once your dog has learned how to walk by your side and has stopped pulling or trying to dart in a different direction if they see another animal, they can graduate to the top ring. However, if your dog has ongoing behavior issues, then I recommend sticking with the chest point attachment.


If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk first thing in the morning or after your evening meal, then you need a model that comes equipped with reflective material. Fortunately, this harness has a reflective trim, which will make your dog highly visible in low light conditions.


The harness is made out of a tough nylon material and features a padded design and mesh lining that makes it both comfortable and highly breathable. Both features will ensure your dog remains happy, comfy, and cool on your daily walks.

Top Handle


The built-in top handle features a thick rubber coating that will help to improve the user’s grip. The handle is designed to provide improved control, allowing you to grab the handle if a dog or another person crosses your path, so you can keep your dog securely contained. The handle can also be used to assist your dog with getting in and out of a vehicle, or you can place the seatbelt through the handle and keep your dog safe and secure when they’re in the car.


Nothing is worse than buying a new harness, just to discover that it’s either too large or too small, but even if you’ve chosen the correct size, if the harness is not highly adjustable, then it can be difficult to achieve the type of tight fit needed to prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness when they get excited.

This model features straps that are highly adjustable and easy to use. Many standard harnesses are complicated to put on and take off. But once you’ve adjusted the straps the first time, you’ll find that attaching the harness is fast and easy, which is the way it should be. The patented quick buckle design is specifically designed to allow you to quickly attach the harness and adjust it as needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Durable
  • Rubber top handle
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Fast buckle design
  • Two leash attachment points


  • Difficult to put on
  • Only available in one size option

Expawlorer Versus Rabbitgoo Harness

The competing harness by Rabbitgoo is designed for medium-sized breeds and offers many of the same features that the Expawlorer does, including two leash attachment points, a simple buckle design that makes it easy to put the harness on or take it off, quickly, and a highly breathable padded design that makes the harness more comfortable to wear. It also features a reflective trim, so your dog will stand out in low light conditions.

However, this particular harness does not come equipped with a top handle, which can be a must-have feature if you’re dealing with a dog that has serious behavior issues.

The Rabbitgoo is a great buy if you have a medium-sized dog that’s difficult to control on your walks since it also works as a great training tool that can help you teach your dog how to walk close to your side. The lack of a top handle can be a deal-breaker for some, but if your dog has no other behavior issues, aside from pulling, then you may not even need to use the top handle. But, if you’re looking for a harness that’s designed to handle large, muscular breeds, then stick with this model by Expawlorer.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

EXPAWLORERThe Expawleorer Big Dog harness is perfect for large breeds that have a ton of energy. If you’re looking for a solution to your dog’s pulling or lunging problem, then this harness is the answer. It’s well-built and features a simple design that will make it easier to put the harness on and take it off. The highly adjustable straps will allow you to achieve the perfect fit, preventing your dog from slipping out of the harness when they get excited. This model is a great training tool for dogs who are new to leash walking or dogs with behavior issues.

It comes equipped with a reflective trim, so it can be used for those early morning or late night walks, working to keep your dog highly visible in low light conditions. A well-built, durable harness that won’t let you down and one that’s designed specifically with large breeds in mind, this model earned a rating of four and a half stars out of five.