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Gen7 Pet All-Terrain Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats Review

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Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats

The Gen7 All-Terrain jogger stroller for dogs and cats is compact, lightweight, and designed for smaller breeds. It can be used for multiple dogs or cats, offers smoother handling and is perfect for a casual stroll around the neighborhood or a challenging jog or hike.

Our Verdict
If you’re looking for a feature loaded, mid-sized dog jogger that can handle any type of terrain, then your search is over. Gen7 definitely outdid themselves with their latest model, a jogger that comes loaded with some great safety features and extras that any dog owner and jogger can appreciate. Keep in mind, this jogger has a lower max weight and isn’t designed for large breed use. We would recommend this model for small and medium sized dogs and for the jogger who loves hitting the trails and is in need of a stroller that can handle it all.

Read on to learn exactly why you need this dog stroller in your life, find out how it handles, and why it earned top marks.

Overview and Features

This isn’t your standard dog stroller. In fact, this is an all-terrain jogger, which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only does this jogger literally glide over cultivated terrain, but it can smoothly roll over uneven ground, gravel, dirt trails, and more.

Unlike strollers designed to handle larger breeds, this model will do best for small to medium sized breeds. The lower weight capacity doesn’t take away from the stroller’s overall durability, or its ability to take on more challenging terrain.

To learn more about the benefits of all-terrain dog jogging strollers, click here to read our buyer’s guide.

Gen7 Pet All-Terrain Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats

  • Foldable design
  • Built-in tray with lid
  • Cupholders
  • EVA foam wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Smart-Zipper technology

Weight Capacity

This model has a weight capacity of seventy-five pounds, which means it can easily handle multiple small breed use, or one medium-sized dog, such as a pit bull. It can also be used for your feline friends. If you’re looking for an even smaller jogger and prefer a more compact design, then the Pet Gear No-zip jogger may be a better choice, especially if your home is tight on space. The Pet Gear dog stroller for small breeds features a more compact frame design and a weight limit of thirty-five pounds.

This Gen7 model is best described as mid-sized. It weighs approximately twenty-five pounds and handles well, even when it’s loaded down with your favorite running buddy and a ton of gear.


Unlike competing mid-sized dog joggers, this model doesn’t come equipped with pneumatic tires. Instead, it’s designed for the serious trail runner. The included EVA foam wheels are perfect if you daily morning jog finds you running down bike trails and gravel paths. Foam wheels mean that you’ll never have to worry about getting a flat. Now, with the Gen7 you can jog or run over the most challenging terrain. The front swivel convertible wheel can be locked in place when you’re jogging over challenging terrain, or you can release the lock when you’re running on cultivated terrain, such as asphalt or sidewalks.

Handlebar Design

The handlebar is called the Smart-Reach handle and it’s not only longer and wider it’s also highly adjustable, giving the runner or jogger more control of the stroller.

Smart-Zipper Technology

The Smart-Zipper technology allows you to zip up the jogger from either side, which is faster and smoother compared to a standard one direction zipper.


Inside, you’ll find two pet collar tethers. These tethers should be used if you have a hyper dog who has trouble sitting still and enjoying the ride. The tether is attached to the dog’s collar and helps to keep them safe and secure as you jog. The tethers are also highly adjustable.


The Smart-Canopy can easily fold under the canopy hood, so it won’t take up any precious interior space, so your dog or cat can fully recline. The canopy also provides adequate protection from bright light and inclement weather.



As you can see, this stroller is loaded with smart features. One of the most popular is the Smart Basket. Use this basket to keep all your important gear and personal items organized and safely stored as you run. This large storage space is also perfect for longer outings.

Foldable Design

If you’re tired of struggling to collapse your old dog jogger, then you’ll love the stroller’s Smart-Fold feature. With just one push of a button, the stroller quickly and easily folds down into a compact package that can fit in any trunk.


The two included cupholders will securely hold your favorite drinks, such as hot coffee or a cold bottle of water. The large tray features a lid, so you can keep your personal items such as your phone, wallet, and keys close at hand and protected from inclement weather.


  • Foldable design
  • Built-in tray with lid
  • Cupholders
  • EVA foam wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Smart-Zipper technology


  • Seventy-five-pound weight capacity

Related Questions

Does This Stroller Have Rear Wheel Locks?

Yes. Both rear wheels have easy access foot locks, which will keep the stroller securely in place, even when you’re parked on a steep hill. These brakes work well for any type of rainy weather and can easily handle slick surfaces.

How Does This Stroller Perform When Running?

The stroller’s lightweight design, combined with the foam wheels make this stroller easier to handle, regardless of terrain type. The user will have ultimate control over the stroller, which provides smooth rolling action. However, if your dog is not trained to ride in a stroller and is hyperactive, you may run into issues the first few times you take the stroller out for a spin. To learn how to teach your dog to relax and remain calm during a ride, click here to read our article on how to teach your dog commands.

What are the Measurements for the Stroller’s Interior?

Inside, the jogger measures in at twenty-six inches long, fourteen inches wide, and twenty-two inches tall, making it a perfect fit for multiple small breeds or a good-sized medium dog.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and CatsThe Gen7 is an all-terrain dog jogger that comes loaded with all of the bells and whistles the dog owner and jogger will love. It handles well over a variety of terrain types, thanks to the EVA foam wheels. Aside from all the great extras and Smart features, the jogger handles exactly the way you need it to, whether you’re hiking, jogging on a gravel path, or heading to the park for your evening stroll. We gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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