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How to Get Rid of Fleas On Dog: Natural Proven Methods for a Flea-Free Home

How to Get Rid of Fleas On Dog

There are many different types of leading dog flea treatments on the market, including Frontline and Advantage, but many vets are learning that fleas are now developing a tolerance for these powerful drugs. So, where does that leave your pet? Most types of topical flea treatments only work to kill fleas once the flea has bitten your dog, making these drugs a poor choice for animals that are allergic to flea saliva. Additionally, the lack of effectiveness poses a huge problem, especially if you live in a hotter climate where flea issues are a year-round struggle. But how to get rid of fleas on dogs doesn’t have to be a challenge and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune every month. We’ll go over some great, gentle, natural methods you can use to keep fleas off your dog year-round and how you can easily prevent a flea infestation in the future.

Key Takeaway: How to get rid of fleas on dog is all about consistency. If you’re tired of expensive topical flea treatments not working, then the best approach is as follows:

  • Vacuum often
  • Bathe your dog every other day
  • Use an apple cider vinegar rinse on your dog after their bath
  • Flea comb your pet every day
  • Wash couch covers a few times a week
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your carpet and allow it to sit for two days before vacuuming
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the yard.

While the natural method of removing fleas can be very time-consuming and a struggle at times, many pet owners have found that it’s a much more effective way to treat pets compared to expensive topical flea treatments.

The Natural Approach

Major topical flea treatments aren’t just losing their effectiveness, they’re also costly, and can be potentially harmful to your dog’s health, should they experience an allergic reaction.

Instead of spending a fortune every month to keep your pet flea free, there are plenty of natural approaches you can try that are just as effective, the only difference here is that consistently using these methods is important if you want to see results.

Flea Infestations

A flea infestation involves fleas all over the home and on your pets. This is often more of a problem in hotter climates where fleas lay eggs year-round. If you live in a colder climate, then you’ll get a nice long break during the winter.

In hotter climates, a flea infestation can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Fleas love carpet, can be found all over furniture and once you bathe your dog, they’ll just jump right back on them as soon as your dog goes outside.

So, how can you naturally keep fleas off your dog and treat a severe flea infestation?

Unfortunately, if you want to take the natural approach, this often involves a lot of cleaning.

You’ll need to vacuum your home once or twice a day. This also includes vacuuming the furniture. We recommend using cloth couch covers, so you can simply toss the covers in the wash a few times a week.

Vacuuming can be a very effective way of keeping your home flea-free, however, you must remember to empty the bag or canister frequently in order to prevent fleas from escaping back into your home.

Washing Your Dog

washing the dog

Starting off with a hot soapy bath to get rid of fleas is always the first and most important step toward a flea-free dog and home. Try using a gentle cleanser like Dawn dish soap, instead of a chemical flea dip. Lather your pet well and leave the soap on for a period of ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse off with warm water. If your dog still has fleas you may need to repeat the bath immediately. This will all depend on the severity of the infestation. After the soap bath, use an apple cider vinegar rinse with a fifty-fifty vinegar and water ratio. The vinegar will work to balance your pet’s Ph, which fleas do not like since it creates a type of acidic environment that can prevent fleas from living long after they have jumped on your dog. This treatment should be repeated every other day.

Next up is flea combing your pet. This can be pretty time consuming, depending on the size of your dog, but it should be done daily. Doing so can easily help to keep your flea problem under control.

Treating Fleas Outside

For extra protection and to prevent fleas from jumping on your dog again as soon as they head outside, take some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it around the backyard and in your carpet. Leave the DE in your carpet for a period of two days before you vacuum.

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Final Thoughts

How to get rid of fleas on dog is as easy as washing your couch covers a few times a week, bathing your dog and using an apple cider vinegar rinse, and using diatomaceous earth on your carpet and in the yard. This whole process may seem very time-consuming, but as fleas begin to build a tolerance to drugs such as Frontline, you’ll find that these all-natural methods are actually much more effective and can keep your dog and your home flea-free, year-round.

How to Get Rid of Fleas On Dog: Natural Methods
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How to Get Rid of Fleas On Dog: Natural Methods
Learn how you can keep your pet and your home flea-free using gentle, safe, proven methods that can keep fleas off your dog and out of your home year-round.