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ICEFANG Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness Review

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Want a harness that’s built tough and designed to last? Or do you need a training harness you can use for your stubborn pup who has a tendency to drag you when you’re out for a walk?

The tactical no-pull harness by Icefang is designed specifically for large breed dogs. It features a heavy-duty buckle system that keeps the harness tightly secured and also makes the harness easier to put on and take off. The harness is perfect for large breeds that are not leash trained and tend to pull, and it’s also available at a reasonable price.

Our Verdict
This harness by Icefang is feature-packed and comes loaded with some great extras including several pockets, a top handle for extra security, heavy-duty buckles, and two leash attachment point options. It’s a well-built harness that has an escape-proof design, so it’s perfect for pet owners who have a large breed dog that’s difficult to handle on walks. The chest leash point attachment will take the dog’s pulling power away, and allow you to walk your dog by your side, which is the way it should be.

The harness will allow you to correct unwanted behaviors such as darting or pulling by allowing you to pull back on the leash, lifting the dog’s front legs off the ground and causing them to turn into you instead of using their shoulder power to push on ahead. This harness is well-built, but some dog owners will struggle with putting on the harness the first few times. Fortunately, the highly adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, which ensures your dog will not be able to slip their harness when you’re out for a walk. Overall, this is a very versatile, well-built harness that is perfect for the large breed dog who is still learning.

Overview and Features

If you’re searching for a harness that your dog can slip out of, then this is the model for you. Large, high energy breeds are notorious for slipping their harnesses, especially when they get excited. This can make for an unsafe, dangerous situation, which is why the makers of this tactical harness have created a design that they claim is escape-proof. But this model can also be used as an important training tool, especially for younger dogs who have issues with loose-leash walking and tend to drag you down the street.

Large breed dogs are powerful, playful, and determined, at least when it comes to getting their owner to speed up during a walk so they can get out there and smell every tree in the neighborhood. But when you’re dealing with a large dog that’s still technically a puppy, and one that’s not properly leash trained, you’ll quickly find that you’ve got your hands full.

Additionally, if your dog has a high prey drive, or if they have not been properly socialized, then you’ll also have to worry about the dog pulling against you and trying to make a break for it if they spot a cat or another dog. Because they’re so big and strong, smaller dog owners will have a hard time hanging onto the leash and getting their dog to continue on their walk, after this type of distraction. That’s where the best no-pull dog harnesses come in. This particular model is specifically designed for large breed dogs and can help you gain control over your pup when you’re out for your walk, and it does so, in a humane way, unlike choke chains, prong collars, and even traditional collars.

ICEFANG Tactical No-Pull Dog Harness

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Lightweight
  • Two heavy-duty buckles
  • Top handle
  • Adjustable
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Built-in storage


This model comes equipped with a couple of large metal buckles that feature a one thousand pound proof-load. One buckle is located on the dog’s shoulder, which is considered the highest load-bearing point when a dog is pulling. The other buckle is located on the belly.


The manufacturer claims that this harness is essentially escape-proof and features a no-rub design that will prevent chafing, sores, and general skin irritation. The highly adjustable straps will ensure your dog gets a custom fit, which will prevent them from slipping the harness.

No-Pull Design for Ultimate Control

The leash is marketed as a tactical, no-pull harness. You can connect the leash to the attachment located on the front of the harness. This will give you complete control over the dog. If they begin to pull you or try to dart off when they see another animal, instead, of using their shoulder and chest power to pull you along, you’ll pull back on the leash, causing them to turn into you. This will allow you to control your dog’s pace on the walk, with minimal effort on your part. In fact, if you don’t know how to teach your dog commands and have not been successful with leash training, then this harness is the perfect training tool.

There is also a top leash point attachment that you can use if your dog has learned how to walk loose-leash after using the no-pull leash attachment. That’s essentially the goal of using this harness. You can train your dog to walk calmly at your side, correcting their behavior by pulling them back, should they start to pull you along. After a few weeks of your dog walking by your side, you can then graduate to the top leash attachment, although some pet owners prefer to continue to use the no-pull option for optimal safety and control.

Top Handle

The top handle is perfect for dogs who are not obedience trained, dogs with a high prey drive, dogs who are animal aggressive, dog aggressive, or people aggressive. This tough handle is designed to allow you to have more control over your dog in dangerous situations. If another dog is about to cross your dog’s path, to prevent your dog from lunging at the dog, or jumping up on people, grab the top handle and pull your dog against you, for a full, tight, secure hold. Using the handle is also a perfect option if you’re walking around in a thick crowd of people. This will give you more control of your dog as you walk, keeping him close by your side. You can also use the handle to help assist your dog when he’s getting in or out of the car.


black dog

If you’re looking for a harness you can use for long walks in which you need to bring supplies such as a foldable dog water bowl, food, and treats, then you’ll love the built-in pockets this model has to offer. The harness is also perfect for hikes and camping, or days at the beach. The pockets will allow you to carry plenty of supplies, including personal items, so not only is the harness built tough and a great training tool, but it can also help you keep your personal items safe and secure on your next outdoor adventure.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty buckles
  • Highly adjustable
  • Built-in pockets
  • Top handle
  • Two leash attachments


  • Not designed for small breeds or medium-sized dogs
  • Can be difficult to put on
  • No reflective trim or material

Icefang Versus EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest

The competing model by Expawlorer is also designed for large breed dogs, but unlike the harness by Icefang, it comes equipped with reflective material, which will make your dog highly visible in low light conditions. Unfortunately, the fact that the Icefang model doesn’t offer this type of important safety features can be a big drawback for some dog owners, especially those that like to walk their dogs early in the morning and late at night. Additionally, the competing model is also much easier to put on and consists of a simple design, complete with buckles and straps that are highly adjustable.

Both are considered heavy-duty and designed specifically with large breed dogs in mind, however, the competing model just isn’t as tough as this model by Icefang. It also lacks the built-in pockets, which will come in handy if you love taking your dog with you to run errands, or camping or hiking. In the end, it will be a choice between a harness that’s tougher and deemed escape-proof, or a harness that’s easier to use and adjust.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

IceFangThis tactical harness by Icefang comes loaded with some great extras, such as a top handle, for improved security and control, a couple of leash attachment points, two heavy-duty buckles, and a highly adjustable design that will allow you to custom-fit the harness to your dog’s body. This model is the perfect training tool for dogs who are not properly leash trained, dogs with animal, dog, or people aggression, and large breed dogs that tend to pull you along on your daily walks. Built tough and designed to last, this model earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.