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VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

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Vivo stroller

The VIVO pet stroller is designed for both cats and small breed dogs. The stroller’s large protective compartment comes complete with supportive padding and zippers for a variety of access points. This fully-loaded stroller also features mesh windows, designed to promote air circulation to keep your pet in total comfort as you take them for their evening stroll, or you can bring them along for the ride when you run errands.

Our Verdict
This four-wheel stroller is suitable for small breed dogs and cats. It features a max weight limit of thirty pounds and comes equipped with a spacious interior that’s heavily padded for total comfort. The two large mesh panel windows promote air-circulation, working to keep your pets nice and cool as you take them for a stroll around the neighborhood. The stroller’s medium-sized wheels offer smooth rolling action, however, the wheels cannot handle rolling over gravel, dirt, grass, or uneven terrain.

If storage space is a priority for you, then you’ll love the center tray, two cupholders, and the large storage basket. The interior’s padding is very supportive, which is important if you have pets that suffer from joint-related problems, past injuries, or you simply want to pamper your pet and provide the most comfortable sleeping surface possible. The fast-fold design allows you to quickly collapse the stroller and store it for later use. As you can see, this stroller has it all, so, if you’re looking for a user-friendly model that’s loaded with storage space, and designed with pet comfort in mind, it’s time to hit that buy now button.

Overview and Features

Despite the fact that this model is designed for cats and small dog breeds, it comes equipped with a spacious interior, complete with supportive padding. Now, you can take your cat or dog with you, wherever you go and allow them to relax in total comfort as you run errands, take them for a walk in the park, or bring them along on your next family adventure.

This is a stroller that has it all. Pet owners can take their dog or cat out for a walk around the neighborhood or enjoy a walk through the park, thanks to the stroller’s lightweight design which makes it easy to control and maneuver. Basically, this stroller has all the features any pet parent is looking for, including a luxurious interior, plenty of mesh panels for proper air circulation, a fast-fold design that makes storing and transporting this model a breeze, and plenty of storage space, which will come in handy for those days when you’re out and about.

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Vivo stroller

  • Lightweight design
  • Storage bin
  • Two built-in cupholders
  • Mesh panels for improved air circulation
  • Large canopy
  • Fast fold design
  • Easy to maneuver

Weight Limit

This model can handle a passenger weight up to thirty pounds, so you can bring along more than one dog or cat, as long as you don’t exceed the max weight limit.

Sun Canopy

The large sun canopy is perfect for sunny and rainy weather. It provides just the right amount of protection from the sun’s harmful rays, while the waterproof material will prevent your precious cargo from getting wet on rainy days.

Spacious Interior

When pet parents look for the best dog jogging stroller, comfort is definitely a priority. The heavily padded interior in the VIVO will catch your eye, as will the multiple zipper access points, which will make it easier to get your pets in and out safely. The variety of access points will also be important if you have an elderly or injured pet.

The padding in the interior is supportive and will not cause pets to sink into the surface. Supportive padding is important for animals that are recovering from an injury, seniors, and pets that are struggling with joint-related issues. Animals with joint pain need padding that will not place pressure on the joints or cause them to sink into the surface of the bedding since this can make it difficult for your pet to get up and down.

Seniors with arthritis or other aches and pains will also appreciate the cabin’s supportive padding and the ability to stretch out and relax, which will help to prevent the type of stiffness that comes from sitting in a cramped space for too long.

If you’d like to learn more about joint health, please stop by and read my guide on the best dog food for joint health.

Mesh Window Design

Vivo stroller

Another important feature you’ll want to look for when shopping for a stroller is mesh window panels. The more mesh panels a stroller has the more comfortable your pet will be in warmer weather. This model comes equipped with several mesh panels designed to enhance breathability by improving air-circulation. Even if you have the canopy down, to block out the sun, your pet will still get plenty of fresh air.

The stroller features one large back window and two front windows. Each of the windows is made out of fully breathable mesh, which not only promotes air circulation but allows your pet to easily see out of the stroller and take in their surroundings.

Foldable Design

It will only take a few seconds to fully collapse this stroller and store it in the trunk of your car or in the back of your SUV. The fast-fold design is a big selling point for most pet owners. To fold, all you have to do is pull on a couple of latches and the stroller quickly folds into a nice compact package. You’ll then put a clip in place that will prevent the stroller from accidentally opening up. In order to open the stroller, remove the clip, grab the padded handle on the stroller and pull and the stroller will click into place in seconds. In the folded position, this stroller can easily fit in a small closet or trunk.


Storage space is important. Pet parents need a space to store their gear, shopping bags, purses, water and food for their pets, and other types of supplies. Fortunately, this model comes loaded with storage options. It comes with a large center tray, complete with two cup holders, in addition to a large basket directly under the carriage. This will give you plenty of space to store extra items when you’re out shopping.


The stroller features a total of four medium-sized plastic wheels. While the wheels offer a smooth rolling experience, the stroller should not be used on gravel, grass, dirt, or uneven terrain. It’s best suited for asphalt, driveways, and sidewalks. On the rear wheels, you’ll find two brakes that should be engaged when you park the stroller, to prevent it from rolling away.

Unfortunately, this stroller is not an all-terrain model. This means it doesn’t come equipped with the type of wheels needed for traveling over more challenging terrain and also doesn’t come with a shock system. This can make it uncomfortable for your pets, should you decide to brave uncultivated terrain such as gravel paths or grass.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Two cup holders
  • Large storage basket
  • Two mesh windows for improved air circulation
  • Fast fold design
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Heavily padded interior
  • Large cabin
  • Large wheels for smooth rolling action


  • Not suitable for pets over thirty pounds

VIVO Versus Gen 7 Pet All-Terrain Stroller

Unlike this model by VIVO, the Gen 7 is an all-terrain stroller. However, it’s also specifically designed for large breed dogs, which means it has a much higher max weight limit of seventy-five pounds. It comes loaded with built-in cup holders, a built-in tray, and some other great extras. It also weighs in at twenty-five pounds, whereas the VIVO weighs in at just thirteen pounds.

The sheer weight of the stroller can make it difficult for some users to fold, store, and transport.The competing model’s EVA wheels allow you to take it over a variety of terrain types, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for a model to take on your next outdoor adventure. If you’re simply looking for a lightweight stroller, one that’s easier to maneuver, fold, store, and transport, then stick with the VIVO. If you have a medium-sized to large breed dog, then the Gen 7 will be a better fit.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Vivo strollerThe VIVO four-wheel pet stroller is designed for cats and dogs. It comes with a max weight limit of thirty pounds, a large canopy that will protect your pets from the elements, and plenty of storage space.

The stroller’s interior is large and heavily padded, so it will provide the type of support needed for senior pets or dogs and cats who have joint problems, or those recovering from an injury. Additionally, the multiple access points make it easier for pets to get in and out of the stroller, safely. Equipped with plenty of storage space, and a fast-fold design, this is one stroller pet parents will never want to leave home without. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.